Specializing in Home and Small Business Networking, WiFi.

Along with repairing computers, removing viruses, recovering from system crashes and data recovery. Bulletproof you PC Inc has shifted focus to network security. Using open source solutions we can keep your network locked down and up to date to the latest security issues.

For home networks we can ensure WiFi signal thruout the entire house. Take a look at our DNS Website blocker and how it can be used to block ads and malicious websites. It can also be easily configured to block or allow individual websites.

For Small Business networks we provide a solution which is alot more secure then your off the shelf router which are not always updated to defend against the latest security threats. Guest WiFi networks are a breeze, they are isolated from your companies network and can have the bandwith throttled. A wide range of network logging is available; On or Offsite.

Benifits of Open Source Networking Solutions:

  • Maintained by a community of people passionate about Security.
  • Constantly updated to combat the latest malware threat (eg Spectre and Meltdown).
  • Source code available for anyone to audit for security issues.